Sunday, June 21, 2015

Letting Me Learn

One of the most frightening thing about getting better at something is that you have to start to do it on your own.... So it was with mountain biking this weekend. As I scaled over hard rock terrain. The help I used to have seemed to be absent. 

We had time to go to Moab this weekend and ride a few trails. One of the trails I had ridden just under a year ago, sense then I have learned a lot about biking and have become good at staying on the bike for most of the obstacles. Hence I had little help as I biked.... or so I thought. 
Just 8 months ago I had a personal guide who would tell me nearly every bump "walk this one" he would say or "stay to the right" would come the advice from just ahead. but this time was different my guide (my daddy) rode ahead, often out of site. When an obstacle would appear I was forced to more forward alone. examine the section and choose for myself the best line. Often I felt a bit frightened and alone as I was unused to finding a path for myself. Yet at all the really tough spots that  could have resulted in harm I would find my father quietly stopped and watching. sometimes when I completed the section he would simply smile and keep riding, and at other times he would congratulate me and tell me I was doing great. Only a few times did I hear the sweet counsel that I was used to. At very hard parts he would say stop and look before you go, and once he very firmly stated "stay to the left" but at all other times he simply watched and hoped for my success. 

Again I thought of my Heavenly Father as I rode. I remembered the times of childhood that I seemed to have more counsel and direction... then of the times lately when it has felt as though I have been left to choose for myself. Or so I thought. I smiled as I realized that just like my father God never truly leaves us alone. Instead He lets us find the lines for ourselves, then He stops and often silently watches, hoping that we will make it safely. and what I joy it is to Him when we do, He smiles or congratulates us and on we move to the next section of hard terrain. When we are truly trusted by our Father only a few times will we hear distinctly direct counsel "go there, stay, do this." instead He stands and watches us grow. letting us learn on our own. To think know and love that we can live and make it safely with Him always closely watching.  

This I have come to love. I am ever grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves and trusts me, yet who watches closely as I choose my life. I too am grateful each day for an earthly father who has taught me as a child, and now waits patiently as I learn on my own. I will always be amazed at how I learn so much about my Heavenly Father from my daddy. 
Thank you daddy for your example and all you teach me in life!!! 
I love you daddy!!!

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