Sunday, December 29, 2013

My 2014 Bucket List!

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love family history! To me there is no better way to spend a free hour then to read a story of those who have gone on before me! Today in church our Bishop talked about that He had made a bucket list.... a spiritual bucket list for the upcoming year! one thing on his list was family history! I am going to begin my spiritual bucket list tonight, the first thing on it will be family history :) I want to find one of my ancestors who has been 'lost' and join them into the family line!
Start you spiritual bucket list for the year 2014! What is the first thing on yours?

Friday, December 27, 2013

The Christ Child

Just a few short weeks ago I received my first Christmas gift from a sweet member of the ward where I am serving. I opened it excitedly, inside was a cute little nativity set which I placed on my study desk. I look at the nativity set several times a day and think of what it means! It's amazing to me how amidst all the hidden symbols of Christ's birth at this holiday season that nearly every home has this reminder of why we celebrate Christmas, it takes no explaining to know why it tells of Christ, you don't need to think to deep to feel the saviors love as you admire this decoration. You simply look at it and see the humble little family, and our Savior newly assented down to earth for each of us :)
I pray that each of us will look to that simple scene of that holy night which we celebrate this day and remember all that it meant for this baby to come into the world on this Holy Night ;)

MERRY CHRISTMAS :) (a little late ;) )

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Eternity Hanging

Here in North Carolina there are more wreaths then I've seen in my whole life. People but them all over! They have one on every window. As we walk around and talk of the saviors birth we comment on the many beautiful wreaths we see hanging on doors. This reminds me that the wreath is for more then just beauty, it stands as a reminder of the Savior. Yes even the simple circle hung on a door is meant to point us to Christ.

This Circle represents eternity! With out beginning or end, Christ too has no beginning or end. He knew that in order for our lives to have no end He must come to earth for us, so that we could live in eternity! The hanging of the wreath is a great reminder to us that Christ came to be hung on the cross so that we could live with Him through eternity! What a wonderful gift the Christ child gave by coming here for us!

As you visit homes of family and friends this season take a moment to admire the wreaths that hang on the doors and thank Christ for His love!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Lights!

It's amazing to walk around down town Salt Lake City at the Christmas time and see all of the lights! We go at least once a year. Often more then that though, I go with friends and family and youth groups and family again. No matter how many times I see the lights I'm still in awe at their beauty. How is it that a few wires and plastic can make something so magnificent? It takes a lot of hard work! Hundreds of people spend hours stinging lights in just the right spot to create this brilliant spectacle.
Looking at those likes strung with the temple as their backdrop reminds me of the true light, Jesus Christ, who said "I am the light and the life of the world." Shirley as we celebrate Christs birth the lights that we spend so much time and money on our to remind us of something greater! But just as stringing those lights in just the right spot takes much effort... Allowing Christ to light our life takes much effort. He is already the light of the world, but to allow Him to light your life you must study and pray and allow Him in your life. As you do this and allow Christ to be your Christmas light this year and through out your life you will see the beauty that comes from the Light of the world, it's worth the effort ;)

May we all allow Christ to be our light, let's start today by reading of His light John 8:12 and 3 Nephi 11:11

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Real Gift

Whether we are old or young one of the greatest parts of Christmas is the joy of giving and receiving gifts! There's something majestic about thinking of others and wrapping it in shining paper. It's what seems to create the magic of it all! As will give and receive gifts our minds remember the gifts that the wise men brought that infant many years ago. They came to worship and reverence there Lord. Isn't that what Christmas is all about? It's all about our Savior and the Gift He gave us! This year as you wrap gifts for those you love consider what you will give Christ this year for CHRISTmas ;)

"The shepherds reverently approached the stable to worship the King of kings. How will we worship Him this season? Endlessly shopping? Hustling about and adorning our homes? Will that be our tribute to our Savior? Or will we bring peace to troubled hearts, good will to those in need of higher purpose, glory to God in our willingness to do His bidding? Jesus put it simply: “Come, [and] follow me.”"                                       
- Elder Ronald A. Rasband

Friday, December 6, 2013

Never Dieing Love

The best thing about the Christmas season is pulling out the Christmas tree and decorating it! We would all gather around as a family and listen to Christmas music (One of two days this was allowed ;)) as we set up the tree :) The Christmas tree is beautiful! Many spend hours wondering around large cities to view giant trees! This is a great reminder of the true reason for the season. The evergreen tree symbolizes our Saviors never failing love for us. Just as the evergreen does not die with the changing of the season Our Savior does not leave us in times of trial! It reminds us that He never truly died but overcame death so that none of us ever have to remain in a state of death!

This year as you gather around the tree with your family and loved ones think of Christ. Think of how He has gathered us together to remind us that He will never leave us and death has been over come :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Be A Star!

I love putting the star on top of the tree.... but I'm short so I don't do it too often! There's something magical about the way it glistens in the dark of the evening and the pitch black of long winter nights.
As I look at trees through the Christmas season my eyes are always draw to the star on the top. It's a great reminder to me of the Saviors birth and how the world knew of His coming through this simple sign. Today I saw a cute picture with a reminder to “be somebody's Christmas star” I like that idea! The Christmas star has always pointed me and millions of others to the Savior. What if we helped out by pointing someone to the Savior these season? Let us look to the Christmas star and do our best to lead others to Christ :)

"we have seen His star in the east, and are come to worship Him." Mathew 2:2

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The True Meaning Of The Candy Cane

Red: Christ’s Blood that was shed for us
White: Our ability to be pure through Christ
The Cane: To remind us of the Shepherds
Turn it upside down: The J stands for Jesus Christ! The true Reason for the Season!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy December :)

This Christmas let's remember together the true reason for the season :)