Thursday, October 31, 2013

Give It To Him!

Let’s play with our imaginations for a moment! Imagine yourself in a dark totally sealed boat with no way to steer for nearly a whole year…. You have this imagination in your mind? As I read this morning this is what I read of. As I read this one simple line I underlined it “Commending themselves unto the Lord” that’s what the people in this scripture did! They claimed aboard a barge putting themselves in the Lords hand… What faith! I was amazed by this story! And of course turned to my grandmothers scriptures to read it again this time I thought of us! Here we are, look around.. This requires no imagination. Are we not all stuck here in a lost and fallen world not entirely sure how long we are to me here and all that we must do? WE ARE! Thankfully we too can place ourselves in the Lords hands. We can do this by trusting Him, reading of Him and His Son and then following them. We take it one step at a time each time recommitting to follow whether we can see what is in front or wither we are tossed about in the sea! I promise that it is worth it! We are in the midst of all of this! Don’t give up!
Recommit yourself today! Commend yourself to the Lord, Tell Him that you need His help, Plead for His help and then Follow it! For me Following His help means that today I went out of my comfort zone to teach in a way that I wasn’t used to. For you maybe it’s picking up the scriptures again or spending time with your family. Ask the Lord and then whatever it may be, DO IT!!! Show your faith, and miracles will come ;)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

What Will Ye That I Should Do?

This scripture never cease to amaze me! God has presented a problem and asked for a solution.... isn't that suppose to be the other way around? As I read this passage I only made one simple mark, simply circling “The Lord” reminding me that this is the Lord presenting the question. My grandma only placed one simple mark as well, a simple line to the side. One simple question and one simple mark. Isn't this how we feel life is? We are given so much to figure out from the Lord, each day He gives us something new to figure out. This afternoon it was how to draw a simple diagram to help further the mission work. For you maybe it was how to get to church on time or help someone you love. I find it amazing that the Lord trusts us enough to give us problems and then ask “what will ye that I should do?” The Lord truly does ask us this each day as He presents us with challenges through life. Let us answer the Lord!
Today as you face a challenge knell and tell God the salutation you have found and ask for His help! He's trusted you enough with the problem, return that trust by allowing Him to help you in the solutions you find ;)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Looking Back

Greater things? My mind began to spin as I wondered what greater things the Lord could show us? My mind spun at a million miles an hour. Excitedly I reread the words in my grandmothers scriptures the entire verse was highlighted and this time I payed more attention to the entire verse “first, to try their faith.” My mind now wondered as I remembered times that my faith had been tried. The unkind words of others, deaths, long hard day and much more. How did I get through it? My faith, that seemingly last partial of faith made it possible for me to move. It's nearly impossible to describe the moment when faith takes over fear and pain, but it does and you can keep moving! When it's all done and I finally have a moment to look back I realize that I've learned greater things then I knew before. I learned how the Atonement covers everything in a way I couldn't understand before and that can't be found in writing. It comes through the trials. God will show us more, but first we must hold on to faith!

Look back for a moment, what trials have shown you more? See Gods hand and glory in all things!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Caring Enough To Leave

WOW! This morning as I read of my Saviors love for me I couldn't help but imagine that I stood in His presence as He blessed the children. How I longed for Him to stay for just a chapter more! I can only imagine how heart wrenching that would have been to say good-bye. So I didn't after I read the account once I opened the warn tattered pages of my grandmothers scriptures and read it through again. This time was different, I was there again but so was my grandma. We seemed to sit side by side and listen to the Savior speak and pray then bless the children one by one. In the end He had to leave, our hearts ached together wishing this perfect moment could last, but His worlds brought comfort. “because it is expedient that I should go unto the Father for your sakes.” He did it all for us! He still does! Every moment you feel pain and wish the good moments could last know that it's all how it should be!
Take a moment today to thank the Lord for caring enough to leave you! ;)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gathering Us!

Once again I have found a spiritual connection that has allowed me to feel love and power across space and time. As I read the scriptures and compared the copies yesterday (mine and my grandma’s) my eyes were drawn to the underlining on “I gathered you as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings.” I love this simple sentence it holds in it the reminder of Christ’s life and death and whole design for us. This sentence has always held much power for me.  As I examined both underlined sentences my heart swelled knowing that Christ didn’t just live and die for the world, but He lived and died for ME and I know that, and He lived and dead for GRANDMA and she knew that.   Christ’s suffering is so personal, and as we watch Him gather as all, we feel how he gathers us individually.  
Read of Christ’s Atonement today and feel the power of His love!

Friday, October 4, 2013

We Both Believe!

Alright! Have you found out more about your ancestor yet? I have! When my mom sent me pictures of my grandmother on her mission she also sent me her copy of the scriptures. As I have been reading I will open and read hers and look at the markings we have made, seeing what is the      same and what may be different.
Stunned I often realize that the same sentence meant something to both of us. This morning it was a sentence about our Saviors birth “They knew it was the day that the Lord should be born.” My faith grew as I thought of the many faithful people who have walked this path before me and too believe that the Savior was born! 

What beliefs do you have in common with your ancestors? Where do they differ? That’s right, you should go find out! See what you find by reading their journals or copies of their scriptures ;)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Across Space and Time!

Here I am at step one :) 
I am like Grace I have now read stories about some of my ancestors. I've spent a bit of time talking with my family, but I want to know more! It's thrilling to find photo's stories and documents. The moment you read about your ansestors life you come to find someone who you connect with, you learn from them. It's as if you make a new friend! I've started! I've found so much peace and joy in reading and recording stories. Start today, go to, see what you find. Make a new friend across space and time! ;)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Family Moments

Life is full of so many things; make it full of happy family memories ;)
I love my parents! This cute ad reminds me of how I still am, I always wait anxiously as they finish a project or get home from work so that we can do something as a family.   I even speed up what I am doing and give up time with others so that I may be able to be near my family! Maybe your family is all still young or perhaps they’ve grown up. No matter the age and place in life make some time for your family!