Tuesday, June 17, 2014

When I smile I think of Him

The best comment anyone can give me is "you have a beautiful smile!" Because the story that follows this complement ...

Ever sense I can remember I was trying to keep up with my brothers. One day while on vacation in Southern Utah I was doing just that, trying to keep up with the boys. We flew around the camp ground on our bikes invisible to any obstical that stood in our way. I was having the time of my life as I costed at top speed down a gravel hill when I realized that I needed to turn at the bottom and I was nearly there! I slammed on my brakes, and attempted to turn. Doing so propelled my off my bike face first into the gravel road. After attempting to make me half presentable to my parents my brothers brought me back to the camper. My face was cut up and my parents weren't sure what to do. I was young at this time and didn't pay too much attention to their conversation but it was a debate of whether to take me to a doctor or not... Looking back on it I'm sure it involved many different aspects, my safety being first, money, time, insurance, a trustable doctor, and the list could go on... But eventually they determined that I would be okay with a few band aids some ice and pain meds. They were right I made it through just fine.... But years latter the impact from that crash presented itself again, my teeth had been distorted and I needed new front teeth. Thankfully my father works as a dentist so after x-rays I spent hours in a dental chair with him at my side fixing the problem I had caused many years earlier.

Each time I think of this story it reminds me of another father I know, our Heavenly Father. Don't we too try to keep up with the world? Flying around campgrounds we find ourselves in scary situations that often lead us to get hurt. When we do, we pick ourselves up and try to look half presentable before The Lord. When we come to Him and present the cuts He gives us the options followed by much discussion between Him and us about what is best and what we want. Finally a destination is made and all is well... But often times years latter we find ourselves in a situation due to that very accident from before, our tendency is to panic, beat ourselves up and say that we will never be good enough. Can I tell you something? We are in good hands! Our Father is a healer of all wounds no matter how old of new they may be. So wherever you may be when you are newly crashed or dealing with pains from early crazy rides look to The Healer, our Father, sit in His chair with Him at your side and trust the work He is doing.

And when all is said and done you will have a brand new smile and love when people complement it because the story you know and the reminder of you Fathers love 

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