Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Not Too Typical

Having just spent 18 Months in North Carolina for a mission I learned very quickly what others thought of 'Utah Mormons.' When anyone hears I'm from Utah and Mormon I get the same reaction 'your one of those people'. While I do fit the Mormon mold by the way I choice to live, I also have some unique characteristics.
Shall we begin? Let's start with the mold that I fit. I was born and raised in Utah and as a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. As a result I love spending weekends on temple square simply wondering around or attending the temple. Evenings are best spent wrapped up in The Book of Mormon. However one of the greatest perks to my Utah Mormon world is that I can find many clothes that have sleeves!
Fashion of course is a must have in our home. My mother married young and reminds us every once and awhile that she gave up a fashion internship in Paris to be our mother. Which she claims to love now, on most days. Mom has four children including me, meaning that I have 3 siblings. All of my siblings are boys making me the only girl and keeper of my daddy's heart. With two brothers older then me however I now have many female additions to my family. Including two sister in-laws with three nieces and a baby on the way.
Brothers could have been what made my life a bit more interesting or maybe
I was born crazy. In any case I now venture to tell you about my life that may not fit the Utah mold that most think of. Following in my brothers footsteps was my favorite; what they loved I did too. At a young age I convinced my dad to buy me a motorcycle, by proving that I could ride a two wheeled peddle bike without training wheels. Ever since that day I have engaged in numerous biking outings. One of the most exciting being
weekends spent racing our dirt bikes as a family in what is called Works racing. The desert wasteland of Utah is a perfect place to spend countless hours tearing up the dirt. However when I don't feel like motor biking I'll head up to the mountains with my traditional peddle operated bike. Utah has some of the most exquisite views you can find hidden with in the trees upon the mountain tops. I have found both biking experiences riveting and peaceful all in one moment.
While I enjoy the use of my feet on peddles I also have come to acquire a seemingly intrinsic attachment to the ocean. This started when I was little I wanted to always be in the ocean. After a few trips to the west coast beach's I decided to spend more time in the ocean by learning to surf. Sense then I have been addicted to the sport. Taking any chance I get to spend a morning in the ocean with my board, watching the sun rise and dolphins play, waiting for a wave. Those mornings I feel close to my Father in heaven and grateful for His kindness, which allows me to find peace in this world.
Yes I have a strong respect for my Heavenly Father, His son and The Holy Ghost. Which has grown deeper over the years. You can defiantly classify me with the rest of the members of my church who have come to have an instant acceptance for the gospel and it's doctrine. Yet I have struggled in my life to use those gifts to my advantage. Doesn't it always seem like something becomes more important or let me be honest more enjoyable then fully and deeply living the gospel? For me it too often does. Thankfully I have had many great examples in my life that have taught me to set aside the world and the things I so deeply love. I've come to understand that in all reality nothing is more important then spending time coming to greater understand my Fathers love and care for me. How can it not be? Look at what He's done for me.

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