Friday, December 27, 2013

The Christ Child

Just a few short weeks ago I received my first Christmas gift from a sweet member of the ward where I am serving. I opened it excitedly, inside was a cute little nativity set which I placed on my study desk. I look at the nativity set several times a day and think of what it means! It's amazing to me how amidst all the hidden symbols of Christ's birth at this holiday season that nearly every home has this reminder of why we celebrate Christmas, it takes no explaining to know why it tells of Christ, you don't need to think to deep to feel the saviors love as you admire this decoration. You simply look at it and see the humble little family, and our Savior newly assented down to earth for each of us :)
I pray that each of us will look to that simple scene of that holy night which we celebrate this day and remember all that it meant for this baby to come into the world on this Holy Night ;)

MERRY CHRISTMAS :) (a little late ;) )

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