Saturday, December 21, 2013

Eternity Hanging

Here in North Carolina there are more wreaths then I've seen in my whole life. People but them all over! They have one on every window. As we walk around and talk of the saviors birth we comment on the many beautiful wreaths we see hanging on doors. This reminds me that the wreath is for more then just beauty, it stands as a reminder of the Savior. Yes even the simple circle hung on a door is meant to point us to Christ.

This Circle represents eternity! With out beginning or end, Christ too has no beginning or end. He knew that in order for our lives to have no end He must come to earth for us, so that we could live in eternity! The hanging of the wreath is a great reminder to us that Christ came to be hung on the cross so that we could live with Him through eternity! What a wonderful gift the Christ child gave by coming here for us!

As you visit homes of family and friends this season take a moment to admire the wreaths that hang on the doors and thank Christ for His love!

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