Monday, March 31, 2014

Being With You

While studying about patience this week I prayed for Gods help.... And He gave me many opportunities to do so. One moment was sitting in the car for 30 minutes at a complete standstill due to an accident. The words of my mother ran through my mind as I sat with my companion and two ward members, when I was young we and we were out and about if we ran into heavy traffic she would look at me, smile and say "now I get to spend more time with my pretty princess!" What a perfect example of patience, and for that whole half an hour we were able to talk, get to know one another more and set a plan for helping a young lady come to church. Patience is more than simply waiting it is learning and growing and enjoying every moment we have between her and our destination.

This week we begin our study of humility! One conference talk that will help us start off this week is about how we view others and how we can uplift and strengthen through humility :) here's the link, let me know what you learn!

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