Monday, March 10, 2014

Returning To Virtue

When looking at the world we are horrified at all the filth that is in the media and in the lives of all around us. We may even at times become discouraged thinking that we and those we love are distended to be a part of this world..... This week we are studying about a Christ like attribute that will change this problem in our lives, it will allow us to over come the world, Virtue! Sister Elaine S. Dalton saw this problem in the world of losing our moral footing and in 2008 called for "a return to virtue" in this great call she invites all to make a personal training program, she says:
"What can each of us do to begin our return to virtue? The course and the training program will be unique to each of us. I have derived my personal training program from instructions found in the scriptures" (A Return to Virtue)
As we return to virtue we will see the joy that come from living lives full of goodness and hope. This week as you study virtue make a training program for yourself. :)

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