Sunday, September 29, 2013

Forever Friends

"Scriptures can calm an agitated soul"
I jerked out of sleep and came to realize that I was quoting scripture. My subconscious had come to know that in frighting moments I needed to scriptures. I had been having a terrible dream and had apparently turned to the scriptures to find comfort and peace without even thinking about it. I've thought about this experience often sense then. We all too often take too long figuring out are own problems and turning to the world, when in reality we should turn to the scriptures and to the Lord. When we give our minds the opportunity to memorize scripture we give ourselves the blessing of having an answer and a friend to help us in every phase of our lives! We should in reality become so familiar with the scriptures that we quote them the moment our lives are frightening. As we do this we find immediate peace and comfort in this world so full of fear and doubt! Find a new forever friend today by memorizing a verse of scripture today ;)

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