Sunday, September 22, 2013

Walking With Him

"Maybe the greater blessing for us is to have to walk through it with Him!"

I was too tired to keep my eyes open as the prophesier mumbled about muscle contractions and something about disks?! How had I gotten myself here, working all night, studying all day and attempting to fit time in for everything else. Sounds like life right? If this is how you fell then Elder Christofferson is talking to you!

In this moment of my life it was nearly impossible for me to do all that was required of me. At the end of each day it took all my strength to fall to my knees. While I had family and friends near I had nowhere to turn for the strength and energy that I needed except to the Lord. I couldn't think past today, I simply had to take each day one at a time and be content with what the Lord gave me for that day. As I learned how to depend on the Lord for all I needed I grew closer to heaven then I have in my entire life. I finally began to understand how near God is and all that we are meant to learn on this journey through mortality.

As each of us go through these struggles in life let us learn to live one day at a time with the Lord at our side. Don't look too far past today. Take what is given you and come to learn that the greater blessing truly is walking with the Lord.

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