Friday, September 13, 2013

The Mountain Peak

"There's a tight turn coming!" The voice from in front of me said. I knew this voice well it had guided me through many trails before and through most of the major events in my life. I trusted it and though I couldn't see the turn through the trees a pulsed my brakes to slow down and griped my handle bars tight . Sure enough seconds later I speed through a turn that I nearly couldn't make even at my slowed speed. My dad turned around a smiled "Nice job! That one is impossible to see coming unless you know the trail!" 
"Thanks! and thanks for the warning I would have turfed it good time."
This had became my weekends. Spending the days in the mountains on a mountain bike with my dad as my guide. He knew every turn of every trail we rode. He'd worn me of turns that would lead to injury and of hard hills or rocks that lay a head. Most days I would listen to his advice, but every so often I would think I could handle a rock, or curve and would end up face in the dirt and usually blood on my leg! We'd laugh, pick up and move on, his voice still guiding. Until we reached the mountain peak with a view of the valley that was worth the work!

This is much like our lives. We are moving at high speeds with many trees blocking our view. Ahead are dangers that have the potential to not just bloody our leg but to destroy us entirely. As we have gone through life we have learned to trust the Holy Ghost as it warns us of danger "walk out of the movie" it whispers long before we understand why, "stay home tonight" it may say with no reason that we can see. Though we trust this voice often and end up safely avoiding a dangerous situation, much too often we don't listen and end up face down in the dirt, broken and bleeding. It is at these times in life that we make the most valuable decision of all. We can sit on the ground and continue to not listen to the voice that is our guide. Or we can laugh and cry a little, realize that wasn't a good idea, make a conscious diction to listen once again to the gentle warning voice and finish the ride. It is when we listen and realize that we can move on that we finally reach the joy and the end of our journey. I know that we can make it! There are beautiful views along the way that we may stop and see. Then in the end we will reach the mountain peak with a view beyond imagination. Keep peddling and never forget to listen to your guide. That still small voice of the Holy Ghost.

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