Sunday, October 27, 2013

What Will Ye That I Should Do?

This scripture never cease to amaze me! God has presented a problem and asked for a solution.... isn't that suppose to be the other way around? As I read this passage I only made one simple mark, simply circling “The Lord” reminding me that this is the Lord presenting the question. My grandma only placed one simple mark as well, a simple line to the side. One simple question and one simple mark. Isn't this how we feel life is? We are given so much to figure out from the Lord, each day He gives us something new to figure out. This afternoon it was how to draw a simple diagram to help further the mission work. For you maybe it was how to get to church on time or help someone you love. I find it amazing that the Lord trusts us enough to give us problems and then ask “what will ye that I should do?” The Lord truly does ask us this each day as He presents us with challenges through life. Let us answer the Lord!
Today as you face a challenge knell and tell God the salutation you have found and ask for His help! He's trusted you enough with the problem, return that trust by allowing Him to help you in the solutions you find ;)

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