Thursday, October 31, 2013

Give It To Him!

Let’s play with our imaginations for a moment! Imagine yourself in a dark totally sealed boat with no way to steer for nearly a whole year…. You have this imagination in your mind? As I read this morning this is what I read of. As I read this one simple line I underlined it “Commending themselves unto the Lord” that’s what the people in this scripture did! They claimed aboard a barge putting themselves in the Lords hand… What faith! I was amazed by this story! And of course turned to my grandmothers scriptures to read it again this time I thought of us! Here we are, look around.. This requires no imagination. Are we not all stuck here in a lost and fallen world not entirely sure how long we are to me here and all that we must do? WE ARE! Thankfully we too can place ourselves in the Lords hands. We can do this by trusting Him, reading of Him and His Son and then following them. We take it one step at a time each time recommitting to follow whether we can see what is in front or wither we are tossed about in the sea! I promise that it is worth it! We are in the midst of all of this! Don’t give up!
Recommit yourself today! Commend yourself to the Lord, Tell Him that you need His help, Plead for His help and then Follow it! For me Following His help means that today I went out of my comfort zone to teach in a way that I wasn’t used to. For you maybe it’s picking up the scriptures again or spending time with your family. Ask the Lord and then whatever it may be, DO IT!!! Show your faith, and miracles will come ;)

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