Saturday, October 19, 2013

Looking Back

Greater things? My mind began to spin as I wondered what greater things the Lord could show us? My mind spun at a million miles an hour. Excitedly I reread the words in my grandmothers scriptures the entire verse was highlighted and this time I payed more attention to the entire verse “first, to try their faith.” My mind now wondered as I remembered times that my faith had been tried. The unkind words of others, deaths, long hard day and much more. How did I get through it? My faith, that seemingly last partial of faith made it possible for me to move. It's nearly impossible to describe the moment when faith takes over fear and pain, but it does and you can keep moving! When it's all done and I finally have a moment to look back I realize that I've learned greater things then I knew before. I learned how the Atonement covers everything in a way I couldn't understand before and that can't be found in writing. It comes through the trials. God will show us more, but first we must hold on to faith!

Look back for a moment, what trials have shown you more? See Gods hand and glory in all things!

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