Sunday, November 24, 2013

Making The World Beautiful

As we prepared to teach a lesson the other day I wished we had a picture that hung in my room to demonstrate our saviors love. Today as I logged onto Facebook I saw that one of my friends had liked the artiest who had painted my favorite picture that I had thought about. I went to her page and looked through the photo's of the Saviors life. It made me grateful for artwork! artwork makes the world beautiful! whither it's painting, sewing, cooking, building... you name it! If it's creating something it's artwork to me :) It reminds me that we are all different and we have something to offer to the world.
and as I once again looked at this photo it reminded me how precious we are to the Lord, He wants us to be happy and the make the world different because we were here!
So today I am grateful for art and the love of our Heavenly Father who gave us different talents ;)
What are you grateful for today?

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