Thursday, November 28, 2013

Too Much!

Today I am grateful for...
The sun shining through the window as I read
Prayers that reach heaven
Cute Dresses
Colorful tights
People who smile and wave
The faith of others
My Savior
A warm house
Space heaters
Journals to remember
Loved ones
Kind strangers
Cell phones
A place to live
A car to drive
People checking in on me
My companion
..... and the list could go on!
but before I stop I have to let yall know, I am grateful today for my Savior! this morning I read of His birth, which lead me to think of His life and death. I am forever grateful that He lived and died for me! Because of Him I can dream, I can hope, I can love, I can cry and I can always know it will be alright :)

Today as you celebrate Thanksgiving take a moment to remember what you are grateful for!

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