Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Here comes valentines day!

A present was set on the table in front of each of us, I was so excited! The gift bag was as big as I was! We were then given permission to open the gift, we all pulled out cards, stuffed animals and candy! We spent the rest of the evening together as a family, eating a great dinner, watching a movie, playing games, and simply talking :)

This is how my valentines day has always been, something simple and a day to remember those who I love, especially my family!

With a new year begun the next holiday to come is Valentines day. Most people go out with their significant other and enjoy a lovely evening, or sit at hope wishing such a holiday never existed..... I have always loved valentines day!
I remember going out with the family and opening up valentines gifts from my parents. As valentines day start to roll around think about those people who surround you and your love for them. Then do something to show that love :)

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