Sunday, January 12, 2014

With In The Crowd

Our families favorite run away was California! We would spend every free few days down at the beach, in the New Port Temple and of course at 'The Happiest Place On Earth!' Disneyland!!
I love pretending like am 5 again and simply enjoying life. I get to wear Minnie Mouse ears and be with my family and eat as many Churros as I can fit in my stomach! And of course see my favorite princesses, ride through fictional lands AND spend all day surrounded by thousands of strangers! The park is always packed with people from 2 weeks old to 100. They come in all sizes and colors, from all nationalities and back rounds. For most people this is the only down side to Disneyland, and for me it was as well for a long time, until one day my dad said something.
We were standing in line for a ride, I don't remember which one, but the wait was long. The family laughed and chatted about one thing to the next, we probably touched the statues along the way, tossed pennies in fountains and were rather loud and wild! Then my dad in amazement looked at us and said "isn't it amazing to think about all of these people, and know that God knows and loves each of them?" And the long conversation began of how God knows all that we go through and takes care of each of us.
Now when I'm in a crowd of people I think of that simple conversation. I always begin to wonder how it all works, and each time I do I feel Gods love and am reminded that He can do anything! Remember that God knows and loves you! Even with the millions of others who surround us, He knows each of us individually and personally!
Next time you stand in a crowd of people take a moment to think about Gods love and feel that He truly cares for His children :)

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