Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Year Begins!

Yeah y'all! New we've all began out the year right... Haha hopefully you haven't giving into the sugar eating and sleeping in yet ;)

As I've been thinking of past years and setting goals I've been reminded of the miracles I've witnessed in my life. Just this morning I struggled to read a sentence as was reminded of the blessing I've received to be able to read. I thought of the long days standing in strange positions and holding books upside down in an attempt to read through an entire page. I often became overwhelmed and thought that I would never read. Many times I even thought of giving up... But the world requires reading to do everything! So I spent many hours studying, trying and PRAYING!!!
Finally I could read a page of text in about 20 minutes :) this was a huge victory for me, but homework still took all night and I wanted to be better. Knowing that I could do it I went to the internet and read more of ways others had overcome the same struggle, we found me a tutor and it started to become easier.
I got to the point where I could read! ... Or to me I could read, I was still half as fast as the slowest kid in class and I had to read everything more than once. But I made it and I was perfect with where I had gotten :)
I thought that would be the end for the rest of my life. Then.... One day the miracle happened. I was asked to read allowed to test my reading as I was studying to serve my mission. Confident in knowing that I'd be slow and half to stop I read the few paragraphs of scripture nearly perfectly! And sense that day just a few months ago I can read the same as anyone else. Every once and a while I wonder if this will continue after my mission but I remember that it doesn't really matter.

Because what does matter is what I've learned!
We all have things that we struggle with physically, spiritually and mentally. We try and try and try again, and all too often we feel as though it's impossible and that we should give up. But we keep trying because we need to. Then comes the miracle ... As we try as hard as we can, do all we can and involve The Lord what "seems difficult becomes possible, and that which seems only possible becomes habit!"
Whatever you are struggling with, whatever goal you want to reach this year involve God and keep trying and you will witness a miracle!

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