Friday, January 17, 2014

Sunshine and Shadow

When of the questions I get most often when I talk of God love is "if God really loved us, why would He allow bad things to happen?" Followed by a slew of examples of pain and suffering in the world. I even find myself asking this same question, when times are hard or huge calamities strike my heart seems to scream "how could a loving God allow this?"
This question can be answered in so many ways to show that god really does exist and love us. The one that I find the most beautiful is that Gods "work and geology is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man!" (Moses 1:39) God does not want to hurt us but to help us.
Just as a teacher doesn't give you a hard assignment to make your life terrible and make it so you can't do anything, but a teachers wants you to grow and learn and understand. God is the same, He is the prefect teacher who allows all things so that we may continue to learn and grow.
I am not suggesting that God creates all the heart ache I'm the world or that He enjoys it, but rather that in His infinite love and understanding He allows all things to happen. He lets us have days that seem impossible to get throughout, and days that seem to good to be true, all because He love us!
I pray that as you face life with all the rainy days and the sunshine that you will feel God near guiding you and showing you His love :)

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